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  • Can I order individual swag items instead of a full swag box?
    Absolutely! We have a small selection of individual items available in our swag store, but we also provide thousands of additional items. Click the "Get Started" button to have one our swag experts help find the perfect swag for you.
  • How long will it take to get my swag boxes?
    It depends. Each item has a different production time so we have to wait for every item to be finished before assembling your swag box. Typically boxes are completed within 3-4 weeks of artwork and proof approval, but timelines can increase during the holiday season. Your swag expert will provide estimates of timelines before your project goes into production.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! We can ship to most countries around the world. International shipping rates vary by country and size of package, but our swag experts will assist in providing specific pricing for your project.
  • How does sizing work for apparel?
    You can specify how many of each size you would like or we can recommend a size distribution based on historical data from companies similar to yours.
  • Can I order a mixture of mens and womens styles?
    Yes! Any item that has both mens and womens styles can be ordered in a combination of styles.
  • Can I order less than 50 items?
    Swag boxes have a minimum quantity of 50 boxes. There are some individual items in our swag store that have minimums as low as 12.
  • Can I store swag with you?
    Yes! Our Store & Ship program is designed to store your swag and ship it on demand. Click the "Get Started" button to have one our swag experts reach out with more information.
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