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How It Works

Build Your Swag Box

Ship Direct

Store & Ship

Choose from a curated list of top quality swag items to include in your swag box or pick one of our pre-made boxes. Need something different? Contact us and one of our swag experts can help with any swag need.

All swag box pricing includes free shipping to a single address. Individual domestic shipping is a flat $15 and international shipping is available with pricing dependent on country.

Don't want to send out swag boxes all at once? No problem! Let us store your boxes for free and send them out when you need them. Great for new employee on-boarding and client/partner gifts.

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Test-drive the full Fresh Coast Swag experience with a free sample swag box shipped direct to your door. Request your box today to check out a selection of our most popular products.

Design your perfect swag box today

Select from a variety of pre-made swag packs or build your own custom swag box. Free shipping to a single address or $15 per box to individual addresses.


Get a Free Sample Swag Box

  • Your Logo on Each Item

  • Completely Customizable

  • 3-4 week Production Time

  • 50 box Minimum

  • Ship to Multiple Addresses or a Single Address

  • Store & Ship Available

Contents of swag box

Choose from a selection of curated items to build your own custom swag box.

Build a Swag Box

Ready Made Boxes

  • Your Logo on Each Item

  • Start With a Popular Selection of Items

  • 3-4 week Production Time

  • 50 box Minimum

  • Ship to Multiple Addresses or a Single Address

  • Store & Ship Available

Exterior of swag box

Select from a variety of popular preset swag boxes.

Bulk Swag

  • Your Logo on Each Item

  • 3-4 week Production Time

  • Minimums Vary by Item

  • Ship to Individual Addresses or a Single Address

Assorted swag items

Individual swag items for any occasion.

What's a Swag Box?

  • A collection of high quality, branded swag items packed together in a custom box

  • Each box can contain an assortment of items ranging from t-shirts to water bottles to notebooks

  • Every box is packed carefully to ensure a delightful unboxing experience for the recipient

  • Great for new employee onboarding, customer appreciation, and more

Open swag box and contents on a table

Design, ship, and store swag the easy way

Start your swag project below

Storage and Shipping Pricing


Swag Box Storage


Pick & Package



United States

$15.00 per box















United Kingdom

Our swag boxes can be sent almost anywhere around the world for a simple, flat fee based on the box and destination country.

We ship all boxes with one of our trusted shipping partners and include all duties and VAT in our pricing so recipients never have to cover this out of their own pocket.

See below for sample international shipping rates for our Classic Onboarding Box to some of our most popular international destinations.

International Shipping

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