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Modernize your swag distribution with free swag storage

Storing and sending swag is a hassle. Eliminate your swag closet and trips to the post office with our free Store & Ship program. No confusing monthly storage bills or picking fees. Transparent and competitive shipping costs for both domestic and international shipments.

Swag box on a table being picked up by a person

How It Works

Choose Your Swag

Store Your Swag

Ship Your Swag

Choose from a curated list of top quality products to create a swag box or select from a variety of individual swag items. Need something different? Contact us and one of our swag experts can help with any swag need.

Store your swag for free in our fulfillment center until you're ready to send it out. No monthly storage fees for all swag box orders.

Send your swag when and where you want to. Individual swag box shipping is a flat $15 for domestic shipments and international shipping is available with pricing dependent on country.

Employee Onboarding

Give new employees a warm welcome with a custom swag box. Ship it direct to their home for an impactful first day gift.

Demand Generation

Incentivize prospects or customers to engage using swag. Reward webinar participation or demo attendance with a branded swag pack.

Anniversary Gifts

Reward years of service with custom anniversary gifts. Go beyond normal awards and design limited edition items to show your appreciation and improve employee retention.

New Baby Gifts

Stay connected with new parents using swag. Choose from custom logo blankets, onesies, and more to create a memorable experience.

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